First blog post… eek!

Hi there! My name is Meredith, and for a full bio that I spent a shamefully long time writing and that I’d rather not duplicate here, check out my About page.

I plan on using this blog as an outlet for my writing, so expect to find random musings, song lyrics, and other works from time to time. Recently I’ve undergone a lot of changes in my life, and journaling has been an almost constant recommendation from everyone – from friends to mentors to random people at Starbucks – to help with the coping process. I welcome your suggestions and critiques, as per the Contact page.

I’d like to state a disclaimer at the start: I might say things that are not totally politically correct or that might make readers uncomfortable because of the honesty and vulnerability I share, and while I won’t apologize for those things, I will say that it is just as hard (if not harder) for me to write them as it is for you to read them. I invite you to challenge me, ask questions, and even disagree with me, as long as respect is given and received on all sides.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s journey together!

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